Medical grade skin peels from a local service provider you can trust
Our medical grade skin peels promote fresh, healthy skin by gently resurfacing the outer layers of the skin, removing built-up congestion and imperfections. Whether its pigmentation, acne or breakouts, lines and wrinkles, dehydration, enlarged pores, or specific skin complaints like Melasma we have a chemical peel that can help with your concern.

There are various types of chemical peels available, each penetrate skin at different levels of the epidermis. Resurfacers or superficial peels work on the very top layers of the epidermis and use enzymes and acids to refine and exfoliate. Skin peels or medium peels are stronger and work deeper to combat more specific skin complaints.

Find out what an AlumierMD peel could do for you - the results can be life changing!

Peels are used to improve the appearance of the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new cells, revealing newer, smoother skin beneath. Peels also stimulate collagen and elastin production to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful blends or ingredients in peels can be used to treat a number of skin concerns including redness, rosacea, age spots and blemishes, treating acne, correcting sun damage, pigmentation and smoothing fine lines.

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What are skin peels?
Skin peels are the low maintenance answer to flawless, decongested skin – you’re just one peel away from brighter, smoother, younger-looking skin! Skin peels are ultra-effective treatments; there is a reason they are the beauty industry’s first choice when it comes to our own skincare essentials.

If you’re like many people who’ve never tried them before, you might be a little bit scared to try a peel. In reality, peels are a powerful, flexible addition to your beauty regime, whether you want to cleanse deeply or effectively treat everything from fine lines to acne.
How do skin peels work?
Different skin peels work in different ways, though the process is similar for all. After preparing and protecting delicate areas, such as the region around your eyes, your clinician will gently brush on the peel solution. You might feel a little tingly and it will feel warm on your face – this is the active ingredients getting to work.

After your skin peel, your clinician will cleanse away every trace of the solution used, and then – to be sure there’s nothing active left on your skin – they will use a specially formulated neutralising solution. They’ll then moisturise, soothe and protect your treated skin with appropriate products, and recommend an aftercare routine tailored to your skin, including a cleanser, advanced B5, anti-oxidants and the ever-essential SPF.
Are There Any Side Effects?
Skin will be slightly red or pink immediately after treatment depending on your skin type. Some peels can lead to light swelling of the treated area or peeling of the skin a few days after the treatment. Peeling will vary depending on the strength of peel used and the condition of your skin.

As it heals, your skin would also be more sensitive to the sun, so you need to use sunscreen for at least a month after treatment.
How Many Treatments Would I Need?
We recommend a course of six peels with a treatment every 2-4 weeks. Maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks will ensure results last and skin remains bright and clear.
What Results Can I Expect To See?
Improvements can be noticed after just one treatment and after a course of treatment skin will be smoother, brighter and more refined.

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